Windows 10 1903 Now Breaks PIN Logins for Some Users

Rafia Shaikh
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It's becoming kind of redundant and boring, but here we go again... We have seen multiple reports of issues affecting small subsets of Windows 10 users this week (links added at the end of this piece for those interested in keeping a count of these bugs), and a PIN login issue is yet another one being added to this unending list of problems.

The Windows 10 cumulative update delivered to version 1903 on September 10 has been behind most of these bugs, including this latest PIN issue. AskWoody reports receiving a user report that said PIN login became unavailable for them on 3 out of 4 devices after installing the latest Patch Tuesday update. Here's what the user said:

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Applied the KB 4515384 Cumulative Update to 4 machines using Win 10 1903. On 3 of the 4 machines, it made Pin Login Unavailable. I uninstalled the update on 1 machine, and it did not fix the problem. I’ve tried numerous suggested fixes/changes in Group Policy, etc., and nothing has fixed the problem. No other problems have been noted yet.

There are other details to getting to this point, but found a solution, after trying 10-15 other suggestions. Delete the contents of the folder C:\Windows\ServiceProfile\LocalServices\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Ngc, then reboot, and your prompted for the Pin login again. Don’t know why it’s requiring a 6 digit PIN, because I’ve never set that rule. The files in the Ngc folder will be rebuilt when you reboot.

Apparently, in this case uninstalling this update isn't really fixing the issue. The only workaround that has so far worked on the affected devices is the cleanup of the contents of the NGC folder (C:\Windows\ServiceProfile\LocalServices\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Ngc).

If you have experienced this problem, let us know if this helps resolving it. At this time, it would be prudent to avoid the latest Windows 10 1903 cumulative update and wait for a stable one that hopefully addresses these bugs.

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