Ahead of Windows 10 1909 Release, the May 2019 Update Continues to Create Problems

Rafia Shaikh
how to fix Windows 10 orange tint

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 May 2019 Update aka version 1903 was quite a stable release after the disaster that was the October 2018 Update. While the release itself went comparatively smoothly, the cumulative updates delivered to it since have ended up creating more problems than sorting them out. The latest Windows 10 1903 cumulative update KB4512941 has turned out to be the biggest pain so far, resulting in numerous bugs.

After the CPU spike issue, several users have now reported problems with Windows 10 screenshots. Regardless of how you are taking a screenshot, they end up turning the screen to an orange or red tint for some users.

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One Windows 10 user wrote on Microsoft Answers:

My screen turns red when I capture a screenshot. How can I turn it off? I haven’t changed any settings; yesterday it was fine. I tried using different snipping tools, and the regular PrtSc button. All red.

I have the night mode off, and everything else is regular.

Another complaint about the red tint reads:

I am having the same problem, or maybe a bit worse. When I start Windows, the login screen looks good, but when I put my credentials and the desktop is shown, it gradually starts turning red. The only element that remains with the correct colour is the mouse pointer.

The problem seems to be associated with incompatible drivers with some people also saying that Lenovo's Vantage app is to be blamed.

Until Microsoft officially shares the details of this issue, you can try updating the display drivers from the manufacturer's website, or, if possible, roll back to an older version. Restart to see if it resolves the problem.

If nothing works, then you can uninstall the latest Windows 10 cumulative update KB4512941 (detailed steps shared in this guide) without having any adverse effects since it is an optional, non-security update. It should be noted that this update did bring fixes to several problems, including the Windows Sandbox and Black Screen issues.

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Via: HTNovo/MSPU

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