Widespread Google Home and Chromecast Outages Reported by Several Users

Anil Ganti
Google Home Mini Pixel 2 XL

Several Google Home and Chromecast users have been running into problems starting last night, according to several posts scattered across forums such as Reddit. Both devices were incapable of understanding commands and casting was broken too. A Reddit user posted a video on YouTube, where his Google Home Mini replies with "there was a glitch" and "sorry, something went wrong" upon hearing the "Hey Google" hotword.

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Another Reddit user had both Google Home speakers stating that they had not been set up, despite no change in credentials in the recent past. Chromecasts have been affected too, and they flat out refuse to cast anything. In the same thread, some users stated that their Google Homes and Chromecasts started working normally in the morning without them having to do anything. The issue appears to originate on Google's end and the company has acknowledged it with the following Tweet.

What strikes out as odd is the fact that the devices stopped working out of the blue. Very often, we see Google Products failing immediately after a security patch or an update, but this time, that wasn't the case. Besides, not all users seem to be affected. Several people state that their devices are working just fine. It gets even weirder when a few people are able to use the Google Home, but it runs only specific commands.

Users from all across the globe appear to be affected. Reboots and factory resets have done little in the way of fixing the problem. So, if you're among the users who are affected, sit tight. There's a fix coming 'soon', but there's no timeline specified. It's probably a server-side fix that doesn't require OTA. We all love the Google Assistant and for many, it is an integral part of their lives. No service can be a hundred per cent free from glitches and will break every now and then.

News Source: Android Police

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