Where to Sell Your Used iPad for the Most Money


As the iPad Air goes on sale tomorrow,  and the iPad Mini Retina will be sold somewhere later in November, you might be planning to upgrade your Apple tablet. In this post, we will talk about the places where you can sell used iPad or trade-in to earn some extra steps towards your new iPad purchase this Christmas.


If your iPad is in good condition, then eBay is a good place. Here you can sell used iPad directly to buyers after convincing them about its conditions. It is recommended to have the accompanying accessories along with the device to get some extra cash. Used WiFi only 16GB iPad 4 can get you around $350 – $400 on eBay. If you have to sell used iPad Mini, bet somewhere around $200 to $300.

NextWorth and Gazelle:

These two websites are the most popular for giving you some exclusive deals to purchase your used gadgets. Apart from shipping your iPad for free, they would erase all of your personal data from the iOS device. Although these two sites might not offer you the best prices to sell used iPad, convenience is their strongest point.

One great feature of their trade-in program is that they lock the deals 30 days prior to actual shipment. Which means you won't be parting from your favorite tablet until you get your not-yet available iPad Mini later in November.
$255 is a good price for 16 GB WiFi only iPad 4 from these websites.

Sell used iPad @ Amazon:

Amazon too offers pretty good resale value for your used iPads, BUT, the catch here is that you won't be paid in case, rather in Amazon.com gift cards.

You can hope to get $252 in Amazon credits for your 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad 4; 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad Mini will bring you some $198.


Criaglist could get you higher returns than many other sites mentioned here. But, this option won't guarantee your tablet is sold immediately. Good option if you can have a little patient.

sell used ipad

Should you sell used iPad at RadioShack?

Yep! This quite popular electronic retail store also offers a trade-in program for used gadgets. You can have both the options here: let the RadioShack ship the device for free, or walk into the store to trade-in your iPad. To redeem the value of your sold iPad, you can purchase any other product at RadioShack store.

Apple reuse & recycle:

Apart from all these retailers and vendors, Apple itself has a trade-in program that lets you sell used iPad along with other used Apple products. Again, no cash but this would be in exchange for Apple gift cards. Here, you can get up to $291 for your old WiFi only 16GB iPad 4 - Apple would take care of the shipping and packaging 

Assuming your device is scratch-free and functions free, here is a very handy table listing out the prices available for base models of the iPad 4 and iPad Mini through the trade-in programs mentioned in this post:

Amazon eBay RadioShack Gazelle Apple
16GB iPad 4 Wi-Fi $252 $350 to $400 $225 $230 $291
16GB iPad mini Wi-Fi $198 $200 to $300 $150 $170 $155