How to Encrypt iOS Backup to Secure Your Data

Rafia Shaikh

The thought of having the ability of restoring your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch at any from iTunes, is simply peace inducing. Plenty of users have thanked for those times when they have lost their phones and other devices and manage to get their precious data back from the iTunes backup. However, we store some very important data along with our social identities and contacts on our phones, tablets and iPod which makes these device pretty sensitive for our image and safety along with other people attached to us.

In order to be able to restore any iOS device, it is required to store all of this information directly to iCloud or your computer. If iCloud data is used, then it is automatically protected by the password you use for the iCloud itself. But, for storing data to computer, password protection is disabled by default. Which essentially means that anyone with an access to your computer will have the access to your data.

Especially in the events when some intruder gains physical access to your computer or your system gets stolen, then all of the backed up data from your iOS device will at complete mercy of that person - if it is not encrypted.Hence it is important to encrypt iPhone backup or any iOS device for that matter.

How to encrypt iPhone backup:encrypt iphone backup

To make sure that no one can exploit the data on your iOS devices, encrypt iPhone backup by protecting it with a password. Protecting iOS backup is pretty simple and easy task.

  • Go to iTunes Backups 
  • Under backups, check This Computer and also check Encrypt iPhone Backup checkbox.

Don't forget to enter a strong password. You can use to iCloud Keychain to help you generate one.

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