WhatsApp iOS 7 Update Rejected by Apple!

Rafia Shaikh

whatsapp ios 7 rejected


The newest version of WhatsApp for iOS 7 has now been released. You can get the update from here.

What a sad news! We have long been waiting for the release of WhatsApp for iOS 7 update. Especially after the release of WhatsApp Golden Master, we were kinda sure it is going to be soon. But nope! Apparently Apple has WhatsApp iOS 7 rejected from its end. All of us who were hoping to see WhatsApp for iOS 7 update coming soon; lets get a cup of coffee to drown this news that it is not going to come any sooner.

WhatsApp iOS 7 Rejected. By Apple:

As the news go around Twitter, Apple has WhatsApp iOS 7 rejected from its end. Several developers and beta testers have even tweeted that Apple has denied the latest update.

The beta tester @AndreaCervone tweeted:

"The update of #WhatsApp for #iOS7 was scheduled to arrive later today, but Apple rejected it. I'll try again next week."

None of the tweets sharing that Apple has rejected WhatsApp for iOS 7 update goes beyond the news itself. Hence we do not know what exactly is the reason behind this rejection. As reported earlier, WhatsApp for iOS 7 update was going to carry some new features [Check out the video here: WhatsApp iOS 7 Video – App Ranked No.1 for iPhone] including a photo editing feature offering users with its filters and basic editing capabilities. Design too looked pretty good with a bit of more blue than usual green.

However, we cannot say for what reason has Apple actually denied this update. WhatsApp for iOS 7 will be a completely redesigned app [Read: WhatsApp for iOS 7 Screenshots – Leaked Images] for Apple's latest iOS 7 hence there could be many reasons behind this rejection.

This news should also be taken with some grain of salt as this could be a tactic to create some buzz - or rather keep the buzz around WhatsApp for iOS 7 alive. It could be very much a possibility that we see WhatsApp for iOS 7 launching this week. We'll have to wait for this though.

Update: A Dutch tech blog WhatsAppen.nl has issued an update claiming that Apple hasn't got WhatsApp for iOS 7 rejected. The site refers to Spokesperson of WhatsApp as its source.

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