WhatsApp for iPad Will Bring Multi-Device Support, Suggests Tipster


The official Whatsapp for iPad has been in development for over a year along with a version for Mac, and so far, we have not heard a lot about what the situation is going to be like. However, a report that emerged today explains what might be going on with WhatsApp for iPad and why it has not been released so far.

New Information on WhatsApp for iPad Suggests That the App Will Have Multi-Device Support Amongst Other Features

Currently, the only way to use WhatsApp on iPad is through a third party app which establishes a connection via the web or the phone. Apparently, the company is now working on addressing that issue, and according to a new report from WABetaInfo, there is going to be a one-time sync process, and once that is done, all the future messages will be sent across the devices. It will work just like Apple's iMessage service works. Below is what the report had to say.

Leaving WhatsApp Groups Could Soon Become a Lot Less Dramatic

WhatsApp is working on the possibility to use the same account on different devices. Actually they are testing the feature in order to work with 4 devices at the same time.

When the user wants to use WhatsApp on a second device, there is the need to copy the chat history. In this case WhatsApp always requires a Wi-Fi connection, because it may use a large amount of your data plan

When WhatsApp has safely copied the chat history to the second device, it will be finally possible to use your account from it. Note that any message will be delivered to all your family devices, so your chat history will be always synced across platforms.

WhatsApp has also developed an iPad app, that will be released after the activation of the feature, so you will be able to use WhatsApp on your iPhone and your iPad at the same time.

WhatsApp for iPad will be a step in the right direction as it is about time that we are getting an app that is dedicated rather than going through 3rd party solutions and wondering if it is going to break in the future update or not.