Weekly Roundup – First Week of February 2020’s Biggest Stories

Top stories of the week are as follow

AMD: Big Navi Radeon RX GPUs Are Going To Disrupt 4K Gaming, Similar To How Ryzen Disrupted The CPU Segment

AMD's flagship Navi GPU or 'Big Navi' as the red team themselves refer to it as has been under-development for a while now and upon release, it will go on to power next-generation Radeon RX graphics cards with a sole focus on the 4K gaming segment.


NVIDIA’s Next-Gen GPU Is Up To 75% Faster Than Current-Gen – Will Be Deployed in Big Red 200 Supercomputer This Summer

NVIDIA's next-generation 'Ampere' GPU architecture has been one of the company's best-kept secrets but it looks like their partners in the HPC market are spilling the beans for them.


Modder Creates A Fully-Functional Radeon RX Vega Nano Graphics Card, True SFF Design As Envisioned By AMD

After 3 years, a Chinese modder over at Chiphell forums has recreated a fully functional Radeon RX Vega Nano that sticks true to the original design that AMD had planned.


Apple Responds to European Union’s Call for a Common Charger for iPhone

Apple responded to the European Union’s call for companies to move to a common charger for smartphones. The company claimed that such a move would stifle innovation.


GeForce NOW Founders Tier Reportedly $4.99/mo as NVIDIA Prices Aggressively Against Microsoft, Amazon, and Google

At CES 2017, NVIDIA unveiled another version of GeForce NOW. This one would essentially rent you NVIDIA's powerful servers, allowing users to access their existing PC libraries (such as Steam).


New AMD Unknown APU Could Be the Xbox Series S / Lockhart APU; More Powerful Than Expected – Rumor

The Xbox Series X is going to be Microsoft's next-generation console, but rumors suggest that another, less-powerful model of the console, known with the Lockhart codename, is also in development.


Intel Moving Select CPUs To GlobalFoundries

Intel has been running its foundries to the limit since the past year and if what we are hearing is to be believed than the company is planning to offload some of its low end CPUs to GloFo.



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