Wattam, the Next Slice of Weirdness from Katamari Damacy’s Creator, Gets a Release Date

Nathan Birch

Hey, are you starting to feel like you need a break from all the big, serious holiday triple-A games? Well, what if I told you Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi has a new game on the way? Yup, December will see the release of Takahashi’s Wattam, which has been in development for over five years. Check out a trailer below.

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Well, uh…that didn’t explain much! Here, have a slightly longer Wattam gameplay trailer from a couple months ago.

Welp! That still didn’t explain much. But hey, not knowing what the hell is going on is part of the charm with a Takahashi game. Broadly speaking, it seems like Wattam is about making friends with plants, household objects, poops, and various other things. You can literally connect with these friends by holding hands with them, blast off into the air with your butt, and, uh…I’ll just let the official description take over:

  • Friend them all - In Wattam, more than 100 wacky and carefree characters are waiting to be unlocked and become your friends, from sushi to seashells, and gigantic trees to normal-sized toilets. The Mayor will be your tour guide through this whimsical world, as you dance, chase, climb, stack, float, explode and hold hands through all the fun.
  • A game for everyone - Play solo or co-op on the same screen with friends (parents and siblings count, too). You can pop in and out of multiplayer mode, so the choice is yours. The adventure takes place through all four seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - so there's always plenty to do and discover, whether you're playing with pals or making new friends in Wattam.
  • Go ahead and goof around - Wattam is the ultimate goof-around simulation. See what kinds of silly things happen when you push the limits of the game's physics and animations to create crazy and comical results. Solving puzzles, uncovering secrets and playing mini-games has never been weirder or more wonderful. The sheer multitude of friendship combinations and hijinks means there's always fun in store.

Wattam hits the PC (via the Epic Games Store) and PS4 on December 17. What do you think? Ready to make friends with some rainbow-colored poops? Or is Wattam just a little too quirky for your tastes?

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