Silent Hill Townfall from Annapurna Interactive and Observation Developer No Code Announced

Nathan Birch
Silent Hill Townfall

Silent Hill fans have been kept waiting, guessing, and hoping for years, with only a steady drumbeat of rumors and leaks to keep them sane. Thankfully, today Konami finally revealed plans for their revival of the series via their Silent Hill Transmission presentation. In addition to a remake of Silent Hill 2, these plans include Silent Hill Townfall, a new title coming from acclaimed indie publisher Annapurna Interactive. Townfall will be developed by Observation and Stories Untold developer No Code.

The teaser trailer for Silent Hill Townfall is brief, but evocative. We hear a voice interrogating somebody, hinting that they've been trapped somewhere and about to be punished for doing something “awful.” The voice also teases the person they’re talking to, presumably the game’s protagonist, is there for some other nefarious reason as well. The teaser trailer shows waves washing on the shore, implying the game likely takes place on some sort of island, and an old-school portable TV shows various spooky and grisly images. But hey, enough of my preamble, check out the trailer for yourself, below.

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Not a whole lot to go on there, but consider me intrigued nonetheless. It was previously rumored that Annapurna’s Silent Hill project would be episodic, although it isn’t entirely clear if that’s the case at this juncture. Here’s what Silent Hill Townfall creative director Jon McKellan had to say about the project…

“For us to work on this game, with our friends at Annapurna, feels like an actual dream come true. It’s a real honor for us to bring a new title to this series that both respects the source material, but also does something a little bit different with it. To say that Silent Hill has been an inspiration to No Code would be a massive understatement. Our previous two games, “Stories Untold” and “Observation” both played with that same deep psychological horror. And at No Code, we’re all about weaving that narrative and that experience into every aspect of our game design, our audio, our visuals, even our UI. Obviously, the teaser trailer is just the beginning and… we can’t show you more just yet.”

Platforms and a release window for Silent Hill Townfall have yet to be revealed, but McKellan says the team at No Code are “hard at work,” and more will be revealed in 2023.

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