Watch Ocarina of Time Played on a Real Ocarina


Nintendo have had some pretty stupid ideas over the years concerning methods of playing games, but thankfully they've never even come close to trying this ridiculous method on input. This is video of someone beating a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time boss with an actual ocarina.

Using some sort of technical wizardry, it seems that YouTuber and streamer MonotoneTim has found a way to progress through the all-time classic using only extended musical notes. It's one way of making things more difficult.

It's not the sort of thing that would be available or even worth trying to almost anybody else on the planet, but that's what is so amazing about this sort of thing. There's no real need to do it, but somebody has managed to do it anyway.

Personally I'm waiting to see how he gets on with the Water Temple. I just hope there are paramedics on standby.

It says a lot for the quality of Ocarina of TIme that people are still finding new ways of experiencing it today. You still occasionally see people smashing the record time - although I doubt very much that any of them try and do it with a real life musical instrument.

And, of course, as lovely as it may be for time travelling or magically altering the weather - may this video remind us just how awful the ocarina actually sounds.