Watch Dogs: Legion’s Online Multiplayer Mode Drops Next Month


Watch Dogs: Legion's online mode is finally coming up around the corner. It'll be available for players very soon, in fact, as early as next month. Starting in March, players can jump into the Watch Dogs: Legion world and play together.

The online mode, which lets players jump into online co-op with the game's open world, 8-player arena battles with spiderbots, and 4-player tactical missions, is finally here.

Watch Dogs Legion Won’t Be Receiving Any More Updates, Dev Team Confirms; Patch 5.6 Was The Final Update

Originally, the mode was delayed from early December 2020 into December 2021. Ubisoft planned to take that extra time to patch the original Watch Dogs campaign. Players had been waiting for some time for an update on when they'd get to try out the multiplayer mode ever since this initial delay.

We reviewed the game and awarded it a 7.9. Here's what we thought of it:

"Watch Dogs Legion is a great step forward for the series, with enough experimental new gameplay features to complement the familiar mechanics. London is incredible, and exploring it is an almost visceral experience. It's just a shame that the story doesn't hold the same familiarity that the map does."

If you felt like the world was a little empty without having friends along for the ride, now you can remedy that by inviting folks into your game to experience what it's like to grow DedSec and fend off the ne'er-do-wells. It's also fun to hack into machines and whatnot.

You can try out the online multiplayer mode in Watch Dogs: Legion when it drops next month on March 9.