US iPhone Market Share Now Stands At 53%


The Apple iPhone is one of the most sold smartphones around the world. It has single-handedly changed the world's perception about smartphones. Needless to say, the US iPhone market share has always been high with respect to other nations around the world, considering the company is based in Cupertino California. For the very first time Apple's iPhone now accounts for over 50% of the entire US smartphone market share, 53% to be precise.

iPhone 5

Android on the other hand now accounts for 42% of the US smartphone market. The remaining 5% includes and is not limited to BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone 8. The iPhone's true competitor has always been Android. Some believe that it is unfair to deem Android the true competitor given how Apple is the only company that makes iPhones whereas there is an endless list of Android smartphone manufacturers. That's a debate for another time though.

These latest US iPhone market share numbers come from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. Their data shows that iPhone market share in USA has grown 37% as compared to this time last year. They are also of the view that there are further gains to be made during December. This month, rather this holiday season, sees an increased consumer interest in such devices and the US iPhone market share is definitely going to benefit from the shopping frenzy due to take place. The iPhone 5 itself has also played a major part in helping US iPhone market share cross the 50% barrier.

There is no doubt that iPhones are one of the most sought after smartphones. However they are facing stiff competition for Android, which accounts for 64% for the entire smartphone market in Europe. With the iPhone making steady gains and Apple continuously working and innovating, we will surely see these numbers go up. We must not forget though that the Android guys at the other side of the ring are just as capable of dominating the market. Kudos to Apple, nevertheless.