Uncharted Movie Loses Yet Another Director; Release Date Pushed Back

Uncharted Movie

The Uncharted movie has suffered yet another setback, according to Deadline sources. Specifically, the film director will have to be changed again due to protagonist Tom Holland's schedule, already busy with Sony's own third Spider-Man movie.

Travis Knight, who recently made his debut as a director with Bumblebee after a career in animation, was the sixth director assigned to the Uncharted movie project since the beginning of its decade-long gestation. The first one was David O. Russell, known for American Hustle and Joy; then came Neil Burger (The Illusionist, Limitless, Divergent) in 2011, but he eventually dropped out the following year to direct another movie instead. Seth Gordon (Baywatch) got hired to do the job in 2014, but he left the project in June 2015 over unspecified 'creative differences'.

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After quite some time, Shawn Levy (Stranger Things) was announced to be taking the helm in October 2016, but he also eventually stepped down in December 2018 to direct Free Guy (ironically, a movie about a non-player character who lives in an open world game) instead. This time Sony was quicker to find a replacement in Dan Trachtenberg, the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane, who was officially hired for the role in January 2019. His time as director of the Uncharted movie didn't last long, however, and he was replaced by Travis Knight just a few months ago. At the time, we also learned the Uncharted movie would be the first one spearheaded by the new PlayStation Productions studio, created by Sony to properly adapt its videogame IPs for cinema and TV.

According to Deadline, Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg (who's playing Sully in this adaptation) are both still very much attached to the project, though of course there'll be a delay in the production given the need to find another director. This, in turn, means an inevitable release date delay from the planned December 18th, 2020 theatrical debut.

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