Ultrasn0w Unlock for iPhone 4 Basebands 03.10.01 / 02.10.04 In The Works

Sabeeh Qureshi

Don't loose hope yet is what I'd say to all those iPhone 4 owners out there who rely on the Ultrasn0w carrier unlock. Apparently in a tweet asked by VaMpYrE7 to sherif_hashim (iPhone Baseband Hacker) regarding the unlock for iPhone 4 iOS 4.1 and 4.2.1 basebands, 03.10.01 and 02.10.04. Here's what he said:

Image Courtesy of intech-bb

"VaMpYrE7: @sherif_hashim Hi Sherif, I dont wanna ask about an ETA but I just wanna know if uve found an exploit for bb 03.10.01 or not, w8ng patiently

sherif_hashim: @VaMpYrE7 the one I found is working for both."


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