GELID Announces the Iceberry Cooling Case for Raspberry Pi 4

Evan Federowicz
Source: GELID Solutions

GELID has been announcing various devices, including the 140 mm LYRA case fan; GELID announced the Iceberry Cooling case designed for the Raspberry Pi 4. This Raspberry Pi 4 case offers a wide array of cooling bents and doesn't limit the connectivity of the installed Raspberry Pi 4. The IceBerry is currently available through GELID's website and has a price of $22.00.

GELID has announced the Iceberry cooling case features an aluminum design with a 50 mm fan featuring a speed of up to 4,000 RPM

The Iceberry cooling case features a slim aluminum case designed to keep the key components of the Raspberry Pi 4 secure. This case features a variety of air vents located on the top and either side of the case allowing for adequate cooling and sufficient airflow; alongside these air vents, the aluminum case can further dissipate the heat generated by the Raspberry Pi 4. This case comes in a single color, that color being Matte Silver.

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Source: GELID Solutions

Gebhard Scherrer, Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd, stated, "Iceberry brings an ultimate cooling solution to the table. It is crafted to fit the Raspberry Pi 4 microcomputer perfectly and maintains temperatures within the normal range under any workload or use-case scenario. You can even overclock and raise the performance of your Raspberry Pi 4 higher!"

The Iceberry cooling case features various ports, including slots such as USB-C power port, micro-HDMI ports, audio port, USB ports, display slot, and others are easily accessible. It also provides microSD card access and camera cable pass-through.

This case features a 50 mm fan, which offers a breakneck fan speed of 4,000 RPM, and this fan uses a double ball bearing. This double ball bearing allows for heightening reliability while reducing the sound produced by this fan. This makes the Raspberry Pi 4 perfect for a discrete computer attached to a monitor or hidden away.

Source: GELID Solutions

This case uses pre-cut high-conductivity GP-Extreme thermal pads, which cover both the SoC and the RAM IC, ensuring that the hottest components stay cool even when overclocked. These thermal pads quickly transfer heat to the included aluminum heatsink.

The Iceberry is currently available through GELID's online stores featuring a low price of $22.00.

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