Turn Off Apple TV 4 System Animations – How to


Here's how you can turn off system animations on your Apple TV 4 running tvOS and make everything faster than before.

System Animations Can Be Poison at Times - Turn Them Off to Make Everything Zippy

Face it, there comes a time in every device's lifespan where things can start to get a little slow, all thanks to the amount of content we have loaded up. To combat such a situation, we take the always-reliable route to factory reset our devices, making everything speedy once again. But of course, such a route might not be convenient for everyone as it take quite a bit of time, and the painful chore of setting things up from scratch only adds more to the overall misery. The same principal applies to the Apple TV 4 as well, apart from smartphones and tablets. So, if you are an Apple TV 4 user, and are noticing performance going south, then you can easily turn off system animations and make everything seem better than before.

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1. Turn on your Apple TV 4 using the Siri Remote.

2. Now navigate to Settings.

3. Go to General > Accessibility.

4. You'll see an option here called Reduce Motion. Simply turn it ON and you are good to go.

With this little setting turned on, you will notice that the fancy tvOS animations are no more and everything transitions from one place to the other much swiftly than before. Of course, this little feature will not turn your Apple TV 4 into a deca-core monster, but it helps a lot in situations where you just can't see yourself being slowed down by on-screen animations at all.

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We really wish Apple threw in an option in its devices allowing the user to set the animation speed according to their liking, or turn them off altogether. But it seems as though the Cupertino company believes that animations are necessary for the overall user experience. I, on the other hand, believe animations only slow things down in a lot of cases. Especially at times when you just want to get things done.

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