How To Factory Reset Apple TV 4


Want to factory reset your Apple TV 4? We'll show you how, in a complete step-by-step fashion.

Factory Reset

There comes a point in every device's lifespan where it becomes absolutely necessary for the user to hit the red button, essentially bringing all settings to the factory state. And given that we are surrounded by smart devices, there's a chance that we might go overboard with a few tweaks of our own during usage, forcing us to bring things back to normal by taking certain measures, such as performing a factory reset. Today, we'll keep the topic of 'factory reset' in mind, and the device on which we're going to apply it on is the Apple TV 4.

Factory Reset Apple TV 4 In A Few Easy Steps

1. Turn on your Apple TV 4 and then open the 'Settings' app from tvOS's home screen.

2. Scroll all the way down and then open 'System.'

Photo Jan 26, 4 23 43 PM

3. Now select 'Reset.'

Photo Jan 26, 4 23 55 PM

4. Select 'Restore' from the list of available options. If there are any software updates available, your Apple TV 4 will download them as well.

Photo Jan 26, 4 24 04 PM

Keep this thing in your mind that the Apple TV 4 will take quite a while to boot back up once you take the factory reset route. Do not be alarmed, and make sure that you do not touch anything during the whole process.

Once your Apple TV 4 is done with the factory reset process, it will boot straight up and you'll be required to sign in with your Apple ID and WiFi network to get things up and rolling again. Make sure that you remember your Apple ID username and password, otherwise you will not be able to access services that are offered by Apple.

We highly recommend that you go through the factory reset route if you believe that you have made unnecessary setting changes on your Apple TV 4 that might in turn affect the way you use the device. After all, it's very hard to trace back at times what changes and tweaks we have made, and kicking things back into place in one fell swoop is the way to go in a lot of cases.

Also be sure to keep in mind that performing a factory reset will delete everything off your Apple TV 4, obviously, which includes apps and pretty much everything else you can think of.

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