How To Factory Reset Apple TV To Its Default Settings


Here's how you can factory reset Apple TV to its default settings and remove all your content and signed in accounts in one fell swoop.

Apple TV 4

Given its $69 price tag, the Apple TV is a very, very powerful device when it comes to streaming content. While Apple has already announced its plan to bring to our living room the new 2015 Apple TV 4, the company also revealed that it would continue to sell the Apple TV 3 at the very same price point alongside the new offering. But if you're planning to get rid of your current Apple TV and want to grab the new one, or just want to start over fresh, for one reason or the other, then you would want to reset the device to its factory settings, while also removing all of your signed in accounts. And today we'll show you how you can do just that.

How To Factory Reset Apple TV To Its Default Settings

1. First of all, power on your Apple TV and navigate to the 'Settings' option using the remote.


2. Look for an option named 'General' and enter that as well using your remote.


3. Scroll down and find an entry labelled 'Reset.' Enter that as well.


4. Select the 'Reset All Settings' option.


5. You'll be asked for confirmation, hence select 'Reset All Settings' on the next prompt as well.


The process can actually take quite a while and we highly recommend you do not touch your Apple TV or your remote during the entire routine, as it can cause damage to your hardware.

Once the Apple TV is done resetting and boots up, you'll be required to enter your Apple ID credentials once again from scratch. If you're planning to sell your Apple TV, then instead of running through the setup process, simply unplug your set-top box's power cable and repackage the device in its original box.

Unlike other iOS devices, the Apple TV tends not to get slow as you keep on using it. But if you do feel that the device has started to stutter and not play along nicely, then you might want to give it a reset to get things right again. Besides, it's always a good idea to know about such things anyway. You never know when the trusty old 'reset all settings' option might come in handy.

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