TUF Gaming VG249Q is a 24″ inch monitor from ASUS, with FreeSync enabled


ASUS is coming out with a new 24-inch monitor, the TUF Gaming VG249Q. This monitor carries a 144Hz refresh rate with some amazing features to set this monitor apart from the other 24-inch displays.

The TUF Gaming VG249Q is 144Hz, 1ms, and Full HD 1080p

The 1ms is a moving picture response time rating, this helps with the screen blur that some LCD and VA panel have.

AORUS AD27QD – A 27″ 144Hz 1440p Monitor That Is Both FreeSync & G-SYNC Compatible

The total specs of the TUF Gaming VG249Q are:

  • Total Size is 23.8inches at a 16:9 aspect ratio
    • While some may find this monitor more on the smaller size, the 16:9 aspect ratio makes the monitor large enough to immerse you in the game.
    • The resolution of this monitor 1080p, which some people think isn't appropriate in 2019, but with the combination of the 144Hz would making gaming on this monitor amazing.
  • 144Hz is the refresh rate of the TUF Gaming VG249Q
    • This makes for amazing smooth gameplay, the 144Hz refresh rate is very common for high-action packed games centric monitor.
  • The Viewing Angles
    • The amazing Viewing angles of 178 degrees, meaning from almost any angle without any loss to detail or color to the image displayed.
  • The I/O to the Monitor
    • The connections include an HDMI, DisplayPort, and a VGA port (one of each type), 3.5mm headphone jack and onboard 2W stereo speakers.
      • The HDMI port is HDMI standard version 1.4
        • This means that this can support up to 4K video frames rate up to 30 frames per second.
      • The DisplayPort is DisplayPort 1.2

This monitor while not a 34" inch, 1440p, 144Hz (like the MI Surface Monitor, Shown here) it would be a good budget monitor if priced correctly, as the price has not been released as by ASUS. The monitor would have to be under $200, if not it would be in competition with the VG248QG, being a 24" G-Sync compatible, at a blazing fast 165Hz (which is overclockable per ASUS's own website.)

The TUF Gaming VG249Q is worth the price (if listed as under $200) because while the size is only 24" inches across, the 144Hz refresh rate makes any gameplay smooth and very consistent with the FreeSync technology. This means that the Monitor will sync per the frames that are currently being pushed out by your graphics card.