AORUS AD27QD – A 27″ 144Hz 1440p Monitor That Is Both FreeSync & G-SYNC Compatible


The AORUS AD27QD is a monitor that is amazing for anyone and everyone, This monitor has FreeSync, G-SYNC, HDR and 1ms response time.

The AORUS AD27QD is an amazing monitor that will increase your immersion, but it comes at a steep cost $549.99

The FreeSync and G-SYNC combo mean that no matter the graphics card (either AMD or NVIDIA, it is unclear if Intel will support any type of adaptive syncing between the graphics card and the monitor) meaning with this monitor, screen-tearing is a thing of the past.

Gigabyte & AORUS Unveil Their Z690 Motherboard Lineup Featuring 24 Phase AORUS Xtreme Flagship

The HDR available display makes the contrast and color accuracy much closer to real-life and paired with the 10 bits per color IPS panel that this monitor has, allows for no ghosting effects, this does make the 1,000:1 contrast ratio just a bit more understandable for how high that is.

The refresh rate of 144Hz monitor with QHD quality makes gaming on this 16:9 aspect ratio monitor just amazing. The low 1ms response time also helps to avoid any kind of screen slowdowns or artifacts from the previous frame.

The design of this the AORUS AD27QD is unlike any monitor I've seen and the stand is also a fair bit different than normal (shown below) its design will definitely turn heads, if the stand doesn't, the fact that this monitor has LED lights included on the back (one in the shape of the AORUS symbol, the other two are basic line designs).

Some features that are included in this monitor are:

  • Aim Stabilizer
  • Dashboard
    • This makes all the CPU and GPU information (along with some other information) easily accessible by having it in the corner away from the action happening on screen.
  • Black Equalizer
    • This feature adjusts the black levels while not overexposing the brighter area of the monitors
  • Game Assist
  • OSD Sidekick
    • Allow you to change setting simply from your keyboard and mouse
  • ANC
    • This feature is called AORUS Unique IC design, This includes a set of dual mics inside the monitors casing which cancels the environmental noises/sounds but leaves your voice as clear as day (to be able to use this feature, headphones must be connected to the monitor)
  • PIP (Picture-in-Picture)
  • PBP (Picture-by-Picture)

This monitor is amazing with all the features packed into it, but all those features do come at a hefty cost of normally $599.99 but it's on sale for $549.99 with a $50 off promo code for the next three days on Newegg.