Mi Introduces Their Surface 34″ Inch, 1440p, 144Hz AMD Freesync Gaming Monitor

Evan Federowicz
Xiaomi- Feature Design

Xiaomi is now trying to enter the gaming monitor market, with their first entry of the Mi Surface Monitor. While Xiaomi made their name is smartphones, TVs and speakers, their next market to go into is the gaming monitor market!

The Mi Surface is Xiaomi's attempt to bring itself into the gaming monitor market!

Their newest product has just been announced a 34 - inch, 144Hz monitor, which has some amazing specs to it, a resolution of 3440 x 1440, and able to make use of  AMD's FreeSync. With the monitor's beefy specs it has the potential to become a huge monitor in the gaming community, especially if priced competitively. The low response time of 4ms GTG enables a very good gaming experience.

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The design of the Mi Surface itself is very minimalistic with very little bezels around the edges making you more immersed in either your movie or game, the curvature of the monitor is not harsh enough to distract you from your game, but not subtle enough to be ignored, the curvature of the monitor is right around 1500R. This leads to the monitor to be an amazing value, being 144Hz, Curved, and 1440p.

Xiaomi - Design








Xiaomi is also offering a smaller monitor, called the Xiaomi Monitor. The Xiaomi Monitor is an only 23.8-inch monitor, that has the resolution 1080p. The stand of the Xiaomi monitor does not seem to be height adjustable. The Xiaomi Monitor seemingly only has a single HDMI and many more details of this monitor are hard to find.

23.8 Xiaomi


The Mi Surface and the Xiaomi Monitor are seemingly amazing deals, If you can get your hands on them seeing as right now they are only available in China. The pricing in China is seemingly very competitive compared to other monitors that offer similar features. The pricing for the Mi Surface is ¥1,999 (roughly $282.78 in America), compared to Samsung CJG5 C32JG50 the Mi Surface is cheaper by roughly $10, that is only if the Mi Surface is pre-ordered if not the price does go up pretty substantially ¥2,499 (roughly $353.51) is the cost if not pre-ordered. The Xiaomi Monitor is reported to cell for ¥699 (which is roughly $99).

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