TSMC Reportedly Developing microLED Screens for Apple’s AR Glasses


Apple’s chip partner TSMC is reportedly involved in developing microLED screens for the company’s upcoming AR venture, dubbed ‘Apple Glass,’ according to previous rumors. Apple is said to transition to microLED, though adoption could take between three to four years. Still, given that the company has reportedly filed 30 patents for this display technology, it’s likely serious about it.

TSMC’s Plans of Developing in-House microLED Screens Are Currently in Trial Production Phase

TSMC’s initiative isn’t close to mass production, according to a report from Nikkei. While the chip manufacturing giant likely intends on producing commercial displays, it might take a few years for this venture to reach fruition. One reason why Apple has reportedly partnered with TSMC is because of the chipmaker’s expertise in manufacturing small parts that are excellent in quality. The company is also acquiring knowledge of display experts.

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As for the actual microLED panels, these are said to be under an inch in size. Considering that Apple likely wants a lightweight and energy-efficient product, the display would have to be small as well. To expedite mass production of these AR glasses, Apple has reportedly hired many engineers from Taiwanese display firm AU Optoelectronics, along with talent from Japanese companies. Like all major Apple products, this one is extremely secretive, with executives like Dan Riccio rumored to get shifted from his position as hardware chief to avoid any development roadblocks.

According to a previous report, the earliest we might see these AR glasses is in Q1, 2022, but don’t expect them to come cheap. These are rumored to cost Apple $500 apiece, so customers will have to pay top dollar to get their hands on one. It’s also possible that Apple is working on a bigger AR headset, and it will have 8K video support but may cost $3,000.

There is still a lot we don’t know about these AR glasses, but we will with time, so stay tuned for more updates. If you want to know about the complexities of microLED as well as its benefits, we recommend checking out our detailed explanation below. We’ve also listed a really cool AR concept, so check that out too when you get the time.

News Source: Nikkei