Apple Glass Expected to Go Into Third Phase of Development; Final Product May Focus on Being Lightweight, Battery-Friendly


Apple Glass will reportedly move into a second development phase, suggesting that materializing commercial units as fast as possible seems to be the goal. According to a new report, another goal is to make this AR-focused wearable lightweight and energy-efficient simultaneously.

Apple Glass Will Go Through a Period of Engineering Verification, but Only After the Prototype Design Phase Is Complete

DigiTimes's full report has been published behind a paywall and spotted by MacRumors, revealing more details on Apple’s plans regarding the final product design. After the second development phase is complete, there will apparently be a third development phase of the Apple Glass, which should happen after a few months. This is normally known as the prototyping phase, and after this run is completed, the engineering verification stage begins.

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The engineering verification period lasts for up to nine months, depending on how complicated the product is. Given that there’s a lot of technology stacked inside the Apple Glass, we believe it could take a while before this AR-focused wearable is officially available to customers. Apple is said to focus on creating a lightweight product that’s geared towards battery efficiency.

The company may want to mimic the weight of everyday eyewear, but it could be slightly heavier than your average reading glasses because there will be additional components inside. Of course, this might not be the only head-mounted wearable that Apple has been working on. According to previous reports, one of these products is identified by the codename N301, with a sleeker pair of AR glasses codenamed N421 that could launch in 2023.

There’s a small chance Apple may provide a sneak peek of the Apple Glass later in the year, but don’t expect a finished product in 2021. We’ll have more updates shortly, so stay tuned for more information soon. If you’re interested, you can check out some nifty concepts of how the Apple Glass and its interface would work below.

News Source: DigiTimes