Foxconn Reportedly Wants to Develop microLED Screens in a Bid to Win Future iPhone Display Orders


Foxconn, the technology giant that assembles iPhones for Apple, is reportedly increasing its investment in microLED technology in hopes of securing orders from Apple for the company’s future smartphones. Three of the company’s subsidiaries, Epileds Technologies, Marketech International, and Advanced Optoelectronic Technology are already believed to be working on microLED technology, according to a report from Economic Daily News, which was earlier spotted on DigiTimes.

The current iPhone and Apple Watch Series lineup comes with OLED displays and in comparison, microLED offers largely the same advantage, while also taking care of some inherent problems that are associated with OLED. For instance, just like OLED, microLED displays also do not require backlights since pixels are self-lit. This gives the display various advantages such as improved color accuracy, more stability, true blacks, and faster response times.

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microLEDs have an edge over OLEDs in that they do not use any organic substance which gives them a longer life span and also makes them more resistant to burn-in problems. Moreover, they are also thinner and more energy efficient than OLED displays, giving Apple potentially more room to reduce the thickness of its mobile devices. While these benefits are impressive, manufacturers still use OLED because of cost and yield issues related to microLEDs which makes mass production difficult.

Apple has been eyeing the technology for a long time and back in 2014, the Cupertino giant bought the microLED screen manufacturer LuxVue. Later on, the company also apparently opened a secretive facility in Taiwan for researching display technologies. It is also said to have a secretive plant in California for the development of microLED screen prototypes.

According to previous reports, Apple might introduce microLED first on Apple Watch Series before launching them on iPhones. However, that isn’t expected to happen anytime soon and if reports are to go by all of the 2020 iPhones will sport OLED displays. When the company ultimately decides to introduce microLED display, it will most likely be reserved for the highest end model and Foxconn is clearly hopeful that the production will be outsourced to it.

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News Source: DigiTimes