Toshiba Announces 6 TB HDDs!

Toshiba has announced its new line of hard drives specifically for surveillance applications. The Toshiba DT02-V series is an energy-efficient line of hard drives that offer capacities of up to 6 TB in size. The DT02-V series of hard drives will offer 2 TB, 4TB, and 6 TB models, which has a speed of 5400 RPM and a 128 MB cache buffer.

The Toshiba DT02-V are surveillance hard drives with capacities of up to 6 TB

The DT02-V hard drives are 3.5-inch along with having a 128 MB cache buffer and uses a SATA 6 GB per second interface. These hard drives are designed for most surveillance systems, being either a digital video recorder (DVR) or a network video recorder (NVR) systems.

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These hard drives can record up to 32 HD streams, which means that it can record up to 32 cameras simultaneously as well as being rated to run at 24/7. Most DVR and NVR systems currently used older HDDs rather than SSDs for the cost to performance, while SSDs are becoming cheaper overall. Compared to HDDs, SDDs are still more expensive overall, but another issue that SDDs offer minimal HD streams when comparing to current surveillance hard drives on the market.

The performance of the DT02-V offers up to a 185 MB/s transfer speeds. These hard drives are rated for up to 180 TB per year. This means that these hard drives are rated for 600,000 loads / unload cycles while having a projected life span of one million hours, which is significantly lower than the current enterprise-grade hard drives but is the current standard for other HDDs for surveillance applications.

Compared to Toshiba's prior-generation low-spin MD04ABA-V HDDs, the DT02-V hard drives run at faster speeds and a lower level power consumption. Toshiba marketing these for surveillance applications shows how vital the surveillance market is, especially in China, which is a perfect market for Toshiba as they are trying to expand the sales of its storage devices overall.

Toshiba has a sample of the 4 TB version, with some samples for the 6 TB are planned to release in January, and samples of the smaller 2 TB versions are due some time in March. There is no current release date for these hard drives from Toshiba, although they are seemingly planned for a 2020 release.

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