Today’s Paid iPhone Apps Gone FREE – Montessorium, Train Conductor 2, CalcBox Pro, Earplug

Uzair Ghani

The weekend is just a day away therefore you can have the most of it by downloading some paid iPhone apps absolutely free ahead of time.

Download Great Paid iOS Apps Absolutely Free for a Limited Period of Time

All of the apps mentioned below are free for a very limited period of time, therefore act fast if you wish to download them while they are without their original price tag.

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If you have a child at home then you can easily acquaint them with words using the Montessorium app. The app usually retails for $4.99, but it's free for a limited period of time. Or, if you're a grownup and don't know the art of tying a tie, then you might want to look into Animated Tie a Tie which is down from $2.99 to free.

Always wanted to be a train conductor? Well then, the Train Conductor 2: USA game is just for you, which is down from $2.99 to free. If you are not into trains at all and happen to love going through the news, then you might want to download Newsflow from the App Store which is down from $1.99. It's a clean app with a minimal design and easy to navigate too.

According to Apple, AR is the next big thing and you can get a good taste of it using the Around-U AR app that gives you information of your surroundings in a very interesting way. The app costs $2.99, but now it's free. If you are not into AR, then how about an app that aggregates all your social feeds into one? That's what Spher is all about and it's down from $1.99 to free.

Though the stock Calculator app gets the job done, but CalcBox Pro takes it to the next level with advanced features. The app is down from its usual $1.99 price tag. And last but not the least, you can grab Earplug for free, which is a wonderful little relaxation app down from $4.99.

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