Today’s List of Paid Apps That Are Free or on Sale at the Play Store


More apps today.

Skyclock ($1.99 -> Free for six days)

Skyclock® is the ultimate Sun calculator for sunrise, sunset, and twilight times. Calculates for exactly where you are.

Pilots, photographers, golfers, hunters, construction managers, those who fish, camp, hike, and organize outdoor recreation and those who organize their lives around sunrise and sunset can all use Skyclock®.

Download Skyclock

EdgeMaster - S9 Edge features ($0.99 -> Free for three days)

Currently the app supports:
Apps page
Contacts page
Shortcuts page

Download EdgeMaster - S9 Edge features

Droid Automation - Pro Edition ($3.49 -> $1.99 for five day)

This app allow you to perform actions and automate tasks that were once repetitive.
User friendly and easy to use, Droid Automation will make your life easier.

Download Droid Automation - Pro Edition

Image to text converter pro - Text Scanner ($0.99 -> free for four days)

You can convert any english character in real time camera to Simple text.

Download Image to text converter pro - Text Scanner

Notification History Pro ($2.49 -> $0.99 for seven days)

Notification History can record USSD, Flash SMS/Class 0 messages, dialog, toasts and notifications on status so that you can easily save various messages to history. It can be used to:
1. Find out which app pushed annoying status bar advertisement, and uninstall it.
2. Collect messages sent by apps and read them later
3. Backup and share notifications
4. Auto dismiss(close) annoying USSD or Flash SMS/Class 0 dialog.

Download Notification History Pro

Electrical Calculations PRO ($2.49 -> $1.49 for six days)


This is the unlock key to transform the FREE version of "Electrical Calculations" to the PRO version.
This application does not work on its own. Before you buy this app, you will need to install the main app, "Electrical Calculations."

Step 1: Install the "Electrical Calculations FREE" app.
Step 2: Now, install this Pro Key to enable all the functions. (Kindly do not remove the free version of the app).

Download Electrical Calculations PRO 

Analyze your Chess Pro ($4.49 -> $2.99 for seven days)

Download Analyze your Chess Pro

PDF Utility ( $2.99 -> $1.49 for seven days)

An ultimate combination of 11 PDF Tools & Utilities. PDF Merge, PDF Split, Lock PDF & Unlock PDF, Image to PDF(JPG to PDF & PNG to PDF), Extract PDF Pages, Extract Images from PDF, Rotate PDF Pages, Reorder PDF Pages, Delete Specific Pages, Delete Empty Pages.

Download PDF Utility

That's it for now. See you next time.