Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free at the Play Store Including Scalar Pro — Advanced Calculator & Math Scripts and More

A mix of apps games and some icon packs.

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Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free at the Play Store Including Blu Escape – Hardcore Platformer and More

It is a real-time battle game with 25 global users.

You can become a winner of the Mineral War with your quick brain turn and improvisation.


Mental Disorders Premium

The application helps to boost your knowledge about mental disorders. Millions of people all over the world are affected by a wide variety of mental problems. Therefore, this app may be useful for everyone, both professionals and people who are just interested in good reading.

Download Mental Disorders Premium

Scalar Pro — Advanced Calculator & Math Scripts

Main features:

? Standard & Advanced Scientific Calculator
? Extremely convenient calculator keyboard
? Re-usage of previous calculations, just reference a constant that was created for your convenience
? User defined arguments, as simple as x = 2
? User defined functions, as simple as f(x) = x^2, f(x,y,…)=2*x+y
? User defined random variables, as simple as rand X = rNor(0,1)+1
? Beautiful function graphs, set variables, range, expression, interact with the chart!
? Scripts writing, personalize and automate you work!
? Rich set of examples built-in in the app!
? Work saving and results sharing

Download Scalar Pro — Advanced Calculator & Math Scripts

IMAGEine Premium

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Today’s List of Apps and Games That Are Free at the Play Store Including Touch Block Pro and More

Following classic games are included: Jigsaw puzzle, Memory and Fifteen/Eight puzzle.
- Following original games are included: "Circles", "Swap", "Slider", "Discs", "Segtor" and "Blocks".
- Each game has multiple difficulty settings suitable for small children to players who like solving very challenging puzzles.
- Each game can be played with any of the included or custom pictures.
- A typical game on the easiest difficulty will take less than a minute to complete while some of the hardest puzzles can take hours.

Download IMAGEine Premium

God's Orbits - Gravity Puzzles

The story:
God has been making planets and stars orbit around each other for billions of years. But as any normal person, He now needs a break. So, as God takes a week’s vacation and goes to Cancún, you need to replace Him and do His job.

The gameplay:
The game is a gravity simulation based on Newton’s law of universal gravity where you control the speed and direction of a single planet. You’ll need to find the precise trajectory of this planet to make it orbit around another celestial body.

Download God's Orbits - Gravity Puzzles

Crazy Tap Chef VIP

There are about 90 different kinds of food.

Sometimes you can get help from employees.

Collect house parts and get extra power.

Let's be the landlord and get extra money.

Dedicate to clicker mania all over the world!

Download Crazy Tap Chef VIP

Alexis Pie Icon Pack: Clean and Minimalistic

1. 5352 icons and grow
2. XXXHDPI icons 192x192 pixel
3. Fully based on vector graphic processing
4. 100++ HD cloud-based wallpapers
5. Many alternate icons to choose from
6. Compatible with many Android Launchers
7. Regular update / Long term support
8. Quick search and preview icons
9. Smart and Premium Icon Request
10. Muzei live wallpaper support
11. Dynamic calendar support e.g Google, Today, Touch, Sunrise, Biz, Business, pre-installed calendar etc
12. Shorted in various categories
13. Image Picker, Attach Icon from Dashboard App as an Image to Email, Hangouts, etc or Even Use it to Create Zooper Widget
14. And many more

Download Alexis Pie Icon Pack: Clean and Minimalistic

Hexadark - Hexa Icon Pack

How to apply this Hexa dark Hexagon Icon Pack/Icon Changer ?
This drop icon pack supports numbers of popular launcher such as nova launcher, evie launcher and many more. Follow these steps to apply
1. Open Hexa dark Hexagon Icon Pack App
2. Navigate to Apply Icon Pack Screen
3. The app shows a list of launcher that are supported such as nova launcher, evie launcher etc. Select the nova launcher installed on your phone to apply icons from this icon pack.
4. The app will automatically applies the drop icons from this Hexa dark Hexagon icon pack for nova launcher.

Note: If launcher doesn't show while applying from the Hexa dark Hexagon icon pack. Please try applying from the launcher itself.

Download Hexadark - Hexa Icon Pack

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