Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free at the Play Store Including Deadly Traps Premium and More

A mix of free apps and games.

Rescue the Enchanter

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Today’s List of Paid Games That Are on Sale at the Play Store Including Baldur’s Gate II and More

- Custom designed beautiful HD graphics!
- Custom composed soundtrack and sound effects!
- A dynamic map to show the screens you have visited and current location
- A camera that takes photos of clues and symbols as you discover them
- Dozens of puzzles, clues, and items
- Auto saves your progress
- Available for phones and tablets!

Download Rescue the Enchanter

Dark Tower

Dark Tower is a brutal permadeath game. A deadly tower rooms of death exploration game where your every move is critical. Puzzle your way to the very top of the tower by unlocking doors with a brutally limited number of keys. Face dangerous enemies such as goblins, skeletons, mages, vampires, and more! Use keys wisely.

Download Dark Tower

Soccer Star Clicker VIP

It is an easy and fun game of simulating soccer players!

Download Soccer Star Clicker VIP

Deadly Traps Premium

Deadly Traps is a fast-paced platformer where the levels are filled with many dangerous traps and tricky jumps that stand in your way. It is not a unfair platformer but its very challenging. Your goal is to reach the portal to complete the level. The game is full of traps and very much challenging. Each level requires skill, death and practice. Deadly traps is a hardcore platformer, an exciting, challenging game for anyone in the vein of games like super meat boy.

Download Deadly Traps Premium

Five Words

• Over one million unique puzzle combinations
• Easy to learn and play
• Fun for adults and kids
• Uses common English words
• No additional puzzle packs to buy
• An optional Hint button shows you words if you get stuck
• Single Player
• Play Offline
• Designed for tablets and phones
• No Advertisements
• No In App Purchases

Download Five Words

Tiny Habit - daily habit tracker

Customize habits
Daily track
Motivation pictures
Habit check reminder
Honor medal for persistence
Sync data in different devices

Download Tiny Habit - daily habit tracker

Correlate - Health Diary and Life Journal

Correlate is a smart life-journal app that allows you to find the origin of your illnesses thanks to a scientific algorithm. You will be able to find remedies for your symptoms, maybe just changing your habits. With this symptoms diary you can track symptoms, log activities, and discover correlations between bad habits and health problems. By keeping track of your routine, you will be able to diagnose what is causing you issues.

Download Correlate - Health Diary and Life Journal

RetroFX ? 16-bit sound generator PRO

With this app you can create randomly different sound effects in 7 different categories and save them out as WAV files. This app uses a mutating algorithm to create unique sounds with a retro 16bit arcade feel - just tap the buttons until you find a sound you like, save it out and you have your very own, unique, royalty-free retro style game sound effect to use for whatever you want - no more licensing problems 🙂

Download RetroFX ? 16-bit sound generator PRO

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