Today in Android: Oreo Update Rolled Out for the Sprint Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and AT&T Galaxy S7 Active


To nobody's surprise, carrier's took their own sweet time to release Oreo for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. But, the wait is over now as the update has been rolled out en-masse. AT&T released it first, followed by Verizon (which had its own share of hiccups). Today, Sprint joins that list, leaving only T-Mobile. The update was first spotted two days ago and more users have confirmed that they've received since then. The update bumps up the build number to R16NW.G93xPVPU6CRE7 and brings the May security patch with it. Additionally, you get most of the Samsung Experience 9.0 features that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ received with their Android Oreo updates.

AT&T Galaxy S7 active now receiving Android 8.0 Oreo update

Galaxy S7 Active And Galaxy S7 Go For A Drop Test But Which Phone Will Survive

Android 8.1 Oreo rolls out for some Moto G4 users in Brazil

Everyone knows about the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, but there's a third, often-forgotten device in the Galaxy S7 family as well; the Galaxy S7 Active. It isn't as popular as the other two because it's available only in the US and is an AT&T exclusive. The 'active' variants of Samsung Galaxy S series flagships were marketed for their resilience and ability to withstand extreme physical conditions. Unfortunately, they had a few takers, so Samsung scrapped the series the following year. The Galaxy S7 Active is the last of it's kind, and one would have to be extremely optimistic to hope that it would get a major OS update. Thankfully for Galaxy S7 Active users, the wait isn't going to be very long. The Oreo rollout for the device has begun and an OTA should hit the devices shortly. The update bumps up the build number to R16NW.G891AUCU3CRE7 and brings with it Samsung Experience 9.0 and the April security patch. It weighs in at about 1.5GB and adds support for FirstNet IOC2 (something for emergency first responders) and Mobile Hotspot APN functionality.

Unlocked and Prime Exclusive Moto X4 Getting Android 8.1 Update

The unlocked and Amazon Prime Exclusive versions of the Moto X4 are receiving an update for  Android 8.1 today. The update doesn't have a lot to offer in terms of new features and is mostly about minimal UI tweaks, a new power menu, an update to autofill and a few other minor tweaks. However, it is noteworthy because several manufacturers opt not to roll out Oreo 8.1 for their devices and wait for Android P instead. The update bumps up the build version to OPW28.2 for both phones and includes the May 1 Android security patch.