TLOU Remake “Nearly” Finished and Could Release Later This Year, Leaker Says to Have Heard; Also Mentions TLOU2 Director’s Cut & Factions

the last of us remake tlou remake tlou2 factions

The rumored The Last of Us (TLOU) Remake for PlayStation 5 is said to be nearly finished and could possibly release later this year.

At least, that’s what credible leaker Tom Henderson says to have heard from multiple sources at this point. “Heard from multiple people now that the [The Last of Us] Remake is nearly finished and could release during the latter half of 2022”, the leaker tweeted yesterday.

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In addition, in some follow-up tweets, Henderson also mentioned that a possible re-release of The Last of Us Part II via a Director’s Cut version – Sony did the same with Ghost of Tsushima in order to provide a PS5 version of 2020’s hit title alongside a new expansion. No further details were shared about this rumored The Last of Us Part II: Director’s Cut.

The leaker also has something to say about the standalone multiplayer mode of The Last of Us II – Factions. Both the Director’s Cut and the Factions multiplayer mode are said to be coming, although he’s not entirely sure when or how.

“With TLOU2 MP and TLOU 2 directors cut - I've heard they are coming too - But I don't know exactly when/how”, Henderson said. “Them all releasing together could be a good compromise if [God of War Ragnarok] got delayed to Q1 2023 - But that's just speculation on my end for the moment.”

He added, “But I think the overall goal here is to drum up hype for the HBO show, so we'll see what happens - And to be honest, Q3/Q4 2022 for Sony looks a little lackluster at the moment. So we'll see what happens!”

The Last of Us Part II already received a PS5 update last year, but if Naughty Dog and Sony are indeed planning to release a Director’s Cut, it will likely include new content in addition to PS5-specific features.

As for the upcoming Factions multiplayer mode – back in September of last year, Naughty Dog said that it will be revealed when “it’s ready”.

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