This Anker Power Strip with 3 AC + 3 USB Ports is Your Ultimate WFH Companion, Just $16 Today

Uzair Ghani

Anker has discounted its PowerPort Cube power strip to just $16 and it features 3 AC outlets and 3 USB-A ports for charging mobile devices.

Charge All Your Devices Together with the Anker PowerPort Cube with 3 Built-in USB-A Ports

It’s highly likely that you are working from home these days. And there’s also a chance that you are running way too many wires to power your home office. If that is the case, then you badly need the Anker PowerPort Cube power strip. And right now it’s pretty cheap too, at just $16.

What’s unique about this power strip is that it features 3 AC outlets for plugging in things like wall chargers, laptop bricks and whatnot. Then there are the 3 USB-A ports, allowing you to skip the wall charger part altogether and plug a USB cable directly into the power strip and charge your gadgets away. This is a huge deal, meaning you don’t have to worry about extra adapters at all.

Those USB-A ports are actually pretty powerful. Each port can push out up to 18W of power when needed, depending on the device connected. Those AC power outlets are able to handle 1250W of power, which is more than enough for your everyday gadgets. You can easily power up a refrigerator with this thing if you wanted to. Just saying.

The power strip has a 5-feet long cable attached, allowing you to settle in far away from the primary wall outlet. And thanks to the unique cube shape of the power strip, it takes up very less storage too, allowing you to hide it away under a table or just put it on a table if you wanted to.

Anker PowerPort Cube USB Power Strip with 3 Outlets and 3 USB Ports - Was $20, now just $16

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