Fully Unlocked 32GB iPhone 6s is Selling Like Hotcakes Right Now [Limited Pieces Only]

Uzair Ghani
32GB iPhone 6s currently on sale for $129

Amazon is currently selling a huge batch of renewed and unlocked 32GB iPhone 6s smartphones for a low price of just $129.

iPhone 6s is a Powerful Phone that Runs iOS 13, Shoots 4K Video and More - Now Just $129 Renewed and Unlocked

We love the iPhone 6s for a lot of reasons, and the iconic design that made room for an even larger display on an iPhone is one of them. Even in 2020 it’s a wonderful smartphone to buy thanks to the fact that the phone can run iOS 13 out of the box. And if you’re thinking about picking up one for yourself, then you can do so for an extremely low price of just $129.

This phone on sale is completely unlocked and renewed. What this means is that it looks and works like new, but is available in limited quantities therefore expect it to sell out very fast. This also means that the phone won’t ship in its original box or come with original accessories. Amazon is keen enough to throw in an MFi-certified Lightning cable and charger to get you charging up.

The iPhone 6s features a 4.7-inch Retina display with 3D Touch. You also get support for shooting 4K video using the rear camera. Compared to the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6s features a far superior aluminum build, ensuring that it does not bend in your pocket. Remember that time?

Overall, the iPhone 6s is a very interesting phone. And if you need a device that can do basic stuff without the bells and whistles then you just can’t go wrong with this model of the iPhone at all.

The model on sale is available in Space Gray, and will likely sell out very fast only to return later at a very different price point. Make your move fast if you want this smartphone in your pocket.

Buy Apple iPhone 6S, 32GB, Space Gray - Fully Unlocked (Renewed) - $129

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