These Fallout 4 HD Texture Packs From SavrenX Improve the Quality of Power Armor, Weapons, Creatures, Mutants & More


Modder ‘SavrenX’ has released various Fallout 4 HD texture packs which improve the texture quality of weapons, mutants, creatures, power armor and much more.

A total of 9 HD texture packs for Fallout 4 have been released by the modder this month and they all vastly improve texture quality while greatly cutting down on file size in order to optimize performance.

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So far, ‘SavrenX’ has released HD texture packs for Super Mutants, Power Armor, Organic Gore, Weapons, Robots, Creatures, Vanilla Armor, Vanilla Clothing and HD textures for armor and clothes in Fallout 4’s Far Harbor, Automatron and Nuka World expansions.

We’ve included some screenshots from the packs in action down below alongside separate links to the mods.

SavrenX HD DLC Armor and Clothes Mod

SavrenX HD Vanilla Clothing Mod

SavrenX HD Vanilla Armor Mod

SavrenX HD Super Mutant Mod

SavrenX HD Creature Pack DLC Mod

SavrenX HD Better Robots Mod

SavrenX HD Weapon Mod

SavrenX HD Organic Gore Mod

SavrenX HD Power Armor HD Mod

Fallout 4 is available globally now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Bethesda released the game back in 2015.