The Sceptre monitor is a Curved 27″ 144Hz Monitor, but only 1080p

Evan Federowicz
Sceptre Main Image

The Sceptre 27" curved LED monitor is my main monitor as of now, while this monitor is only 1080p resolution, but has 144Hz as a refresh rate. While I know many are upset about a 1080p monitor for gaming, most gamers prefer 1440p as a minimum resolution, this monitor is amazing. The high refresh rate is great as paired with the RX Vega 64, along with the Ryzen Threadripper 2920X means that 144Hz is easily achievable especially at 1080p.

1080p, 144hz and Curved, the Sceptre 27" monitor is worth a solid look, said by a long-time owner of this monitor!

Side view of Sceptre

The great side of this monitor include:

  1. Curved Monitor
    1. It has a steep 1800R curve making the monitor take up most of my vision only leaving a sliver on either eye for the other attached monitors.
      1. This makes me infinitely more immersed in the game or writing that I am doing, focusing me in without making me have to turn my head to see any notifications on the other screens.
  2. 144Hz Refresh rate
    1. This refresh rate makes games like Overwatch, CS:GO and other more action-packed games infinitely more fun to play as the higher refresh rate does make everything appear smoother.
  3. Immersive 27" Size
    1. This makes the monitor feel huge especially from my desk, so much so that I had to push it back as far as it would go on the monitor arm.
  4. One HDMI 2.0 port
    1. Meaning that through this HDMI port this monitor would be able to reach an amazing 120Hz refresh rate.
  5. VESA mounting holes on the back
    1. A necessary addition as I use all monitor arms to attach my monitors to my desk so without the VESA mounting mechanism this monitor would've stuck out like a sore thumb.
  6. The Price
    1. As of now, the Sceptre monitor is on sale for the low price of $139.98 (discounted from the original price of $159.97), which even at the original price is a good amount cheaper than the next cheapest monitor of MSI Full-HD monitor (Which retails for approximately $224.99)

There are some downsides to this monitor, First, The resolution is only 1080p so if I were to get closer to the monitor I can begin to see the pixels and that hurts the immersive experience. Second, the VGA port on the back is kind of useless as if your buying a 144Hz monitor why hook it up to a port unable to run anything more than 60Hz.

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