The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror Delivers a Free World Expansion and Paid Story DLC Today

The Riftbreaker Metal Terror

The unique arcade action/base defense mashup The Riftbreaker drops its first major expansion, “Metal Terror” today, which features both free and paid content. All The Riftbreaker owners will get access to a new biome, Metallic Valley, which can be played in Survival mode. Meanwhile, you can also pony up for a paid story expansion that details the history of the Metallic Valley. You can check out a trailer for The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror, below.

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Get the full rundown of all the free and paid content offered by The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror, below.

The World Expansion free content update:

  • An entirely new Biome to explore - the Metallic Valley.
  • A new Survival Mode scenario, taking place in the new biome.
  • Several new species of creatures, ranging from harmless herbivores to bloodthirsty predators, looking for territorial domination.
  • New technologies: harness the power of Morphium, a resource that seems to break the laws of physics.
  • New weapons: defend your base with new varieties of defensive towers. Take the fight to the aliens with Lightning Guns, Heavy Plasma Cannons, and even a Chainsaw.
  • The winners of our Community Design Contests: the Orbital Strike Cannon and Bioscanner Turret!
  • Rebalanced Survival Mode experience - unlock more technologies, explore different builds, and gain access to Alien Technology without even building a Lab!
  • A lot of quality of life improvements: mass repair and upgrade tools, more intelligent floor building utility.

The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror paid DLC:

  • Discover the strange history of the Metallic Valley in an entirely new branch of the Story Campaign, spanning over several hours of gameplay.
  • Establish an Outpost in a brand-new area of the planet - if you dare.
  • Scan, analyze, and catalog the unique fauna and flora of the new biome.
  • Face several new enemy species, each posing a different kind of challenge.
  • Research new additions to the technology tree, utilizing the curiosities you discover in the new biome: buildings, weapons, and equipment.
  • Solve the mystery that remained hidden for millennia.
  • The Story portion of this Expansion is integrated with the Main Campaign from the base edition of The Riftbreaker. The new branch and the contents of the expansion will unlock as you progress through the game. If you have previously completed The Riftbreaker Story Campaign, you can continue your adventure where you left off. The additional part of the Story will unlock immediately, giving you the option to explore the new part of the world.

The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror is available now on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. The paid portion of the expansion will set you back $10.

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