New The Outer Worlds Gameplay Revealed; VATS-like ‘Tactical Time Dilation’ Confirmed

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With The Outer Worlds, Obsidian is trying to make an RPG-shooter game that's equally as fun for fans of both genres. They previously mentioned the improvements made to the combat itself, but in a new video interview (with some new gameplay snippets, too) published today by Game Informer, they have revealed additional details such as the VATS-like Tactical Time Dilation slow-motion system.

We're trying to walk a kind of tight rope line between the two. In an easy encounter, you might be able to just shoot everything and don't worry too much about taking cover, using health kits, etc. In larger encounters, when enemies have special abilities, that's when we want players to think through 'I'll take a moment, check what this guy can do and what are the tools in my toolbox'.

We definitely wanted to make sure this game supported companion combat because we have a new leadership role. The leader character will swap companions in and out to gain access to their skills.

Just by being together they'll help out by dealing damage, they'll grab 'aggro'. Players can also direct them to attack specific targets. They also have special companion abilities that they can use to inflict certain status effects on enemies.

TTD is our tactical time dilation. You can slow time and move, shoot. It's a way for you to behave tactically in combat if you're not the best FPS player. But FPS players are still going to use it because it gives you bonus status effects depending on the targeted body part.

At first, we had TTD slow everything all the time and just drain at a constant rate. It drained really fast. Then we balanced it so that if you just look around, you can have plenty of time in there. Moving drains it a little bit faster. When you start taking a specific action, that's when you lose a big chunk of it.

There's a lot of choices for players to have even early in the game.

The Outer Worlds is out later this year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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