The Medium Budget Is Around €7 Million; Bloober Aims to Make It the Hottest Game of Late 2020

The Medium

Polish developer Bloober Team has made a name for itself over the years with the two Layers of Fear games and Observer, and it has even more ambitious plans for the upcoming game The Medium.

In an interview with the Polish version of Business Insider, Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno said that the goal is to make The Medium 'the hottest game of late 2020' with the help of Platige.

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Additionally, he revealed the budgets of both The Medium and Observer: System Redux. The former will exceed 30 million złoty, which means over €6.7 million at the current exchange, whereas the latter being a remaster is going to be much less expensive at less than 10 million of the local Polish currency, or less than €2.24 million.

For years, we were a developer who created games rather on lower budgets. We have been observing Platige productions for a long time, but at that time we didn't have the financial means to cooperate. Our studio started to develop and take on more and more productions, the natural thing was that we wanted to create an AAA game.

The Medium project is big and we wanted to hire the best, so we turned to Platige. We not only gain from the business side, but we also receive creative support. Platige has experience with the film website. We also have such experience, but in this cooperation we get not only material that makes this project look very good, but also a lot of substantive input, which we think will enable The Medium to become the hottest game of the year end.

In the case of The Medium, it will be over PLN 30 million and Observer: System Redux - we will fit in the amount below PLN 10 million. These are the amounts taking into account production and marketing together.

The Medium has patent protection in the USA for the dual game worlds feature. While developing this technology we got a few subsidies and they helped us to put the budget together. It is important from the point of view of the result that we don't have to recover thoses, because a large part of them are subsidies.

The Medium is launching later this year on PC and Xbox Series X. The developers have explained that it couldn't be done in the same way on current-gen consoles.

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