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Alessio Palumbo
The Medium

While most of the titles showcased during last Thursday's Inside Xbox episode are going to be available on both next-gen and current-gen consoles, The Medium by Bloober Team is one of two exceptions (the other being Scorn).

In fact, in an interview with Gamespot, Lead Game Designer Wojciech Piejko explained how The Medium simply couldn't be done in the same way on current-gen hardware, though he didn't provide all the details just yet as they are tied to a specific in-game mechanic.

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The idea was like in 2012, I think, the first iteration of it. Of course the game changed and our approach changed, but only next-gen is able to handle our vision. So yeah, we've been waiting for this.

I can't tell you right now about our most important feature, because we will have to save it for later. But the gameplay mechanic built around those two worlds couldn't be fully realized on current-gen hardware. This is something that I think will distinguish The Medium from any other game. It's also even patented. So yeah, the game simply cannot work the same way on current-gen platforms. And that's why we are developing the game for Xbox Series X, plus PC.

Piejko also praised the fact that next-gen hardware comes with built-in SSD.

For the immersion that is crucial in our games, it was the best feature and it was delivered by Microsoft. And of course the raw horsepower is great. So we are now able to deliver our vision of The Medium for the first time just how we imagined it.

The psychological horror game, due to feature music from renowned Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka (as well as Bloober's Arkadiusz Reikowski, is set to be released on Xbox Series X and PC (Steam) at some point in this year's Holiday season.

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