The M1 iMac Ships with Color-Matched, Two Tone Apple Stickers


The first review videos of the 24-inch M1 iMac are out and we are starting to learn some cool new things about it, such as the Apple stickers that come with it.

New M1 iMac Ships with Color-Matched Stickers and it's the Nicest Touch to Apple's Latest Fun Looking Desktop

Apple throws in a couple of stickers with its products which you can use anywhere you like. But, with the M1 iMac, they are not only tossing in two stickers, but they are color-matched to the iMac as well. Color-matched to both tones, which is nothing but a nice little touch.

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Apart from the stickers, everything that comes with the new iMac is color-matched. This includes the mouse, trackpad, power cable, Lightning cable etc. The great thing about that Lightning cable is that it is USB-C on one end. We are eagerly waiting for that day when both ends will be USB-C though.

You will be pleased to learn that you can pick up the brand new iMac, M1 iPad Pro or the new Apple TV directly from an Apple Store near you this Friday. If you have already placed an order for any of the products online, then your shipment should start arriving at your doorstep this Friday as well.

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