The Elder Scrolls VI Soundtrack Isn’t Being Made By Skyrim, Oblivion Composer

The Elder Scrolls VI

The Elder Scrolls VI has been confirmed to be in development during last year's E3, but there's very little we currently know about the game. Today, however, we have learned something new regarding its soundtrack.

On his Official Facebook page, The Elder Scrolls series' longtime composer Jeremy Soule confirmed that he is not currently involved with The Elder Scrolls VI, which is a shame, considering he has contributed in making Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind even more memorable experiences with his music.

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As so many of my fans have asked... While I’ve not said much about this out of courtesy to Bethesda, I would never turn my back on TES, and I believe that my involvement would hinge on a creative decision on their part and where they want to take the franchise. To confirm, I am currently not involved with TES VI.

Back in October, Bethesda's Pete Hines commented on the early announcement of the game, revealing that it has been made to show how the publisher isn't leaving single-player games behind.

Actually, I should not be quite so dismissive of the question, which is to say – the timeframe for Bethesda Game Studios titles has not changed at all. What changed was our desire to lay out a roadmap of those titles, not like, hey they’re going to be putting out a game every nine months, no, it still takes them years in between projects, but because we were doing something so different on Fallout 76, taking that franchise in such a different direction, doing an online game that doesn’t look like something you’d expect from BGS, we thought it was important to say: hey, new IP, single player, sci-fi thing coming, hey we are doing The Elder Scrolls VI after that. So that people didn’t start spinning off on, like, that’s the end of single player games from Bethesda Games Studios.

The Elder Scrolls VI launches on a yet to be confirmed release date on yet to be announced platforms.

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