The Division Heartland Leaked Videos Show Gameplay, Info on Modes


Earlier this month, Ubisoft announced The Division Heartland, a free-to-play online action game coming in 2021-22 to PC and consoles. We didn't really get any official details on it, but that all changes today with some major leaks from the closed testing phase.

The first leaked video shows Red Storm Entertainment Lead Game Designer Taylor Epperly introducing testers to The Division Heartland. Here's her brief on the game:

The Division Heartland to Launch with Four Modes and Crossplay Support

You're about to play a whole new The Division experience. In this free-to-play open world survival action shooter, we move from the big cities to a small town American city called Silver Creek. You'll come to know Silver Creek and its mysterious story through a co-op PvE mode called Expedition. Then, once prepared, you'll hop into a 45-player PvPvE mode called Storm.

Both modes will have you scavenging, exploring, looting, fighting, and surviving, all while avoiding the most aggressive and unpredictable virus contamination The Division has ever seen.

The team feels that we have something really exciting, but in order to make it the best game possible, we need your unfiltered feedback. Your feedback is crucial to delivering the best experience possible at launch. To that end, we'll be sending you a short survey during the test.

Beyond this, though, there's also a twenty-minute long gameplay video uploaded on Vimeo that reveals additional info on The Division Heartland directly from the in-game menus.

As mentioned above by the developer, all of Silver Creek is contaminated with the virus, so players will need to protect themselves with mask filters or eventually get sick and start taking damage, particularly in the areas of 'heavy' and 'severe' contamination.

The Division Heartland apparently splits specializations into Assignments. You can pick between Shooter, Medic, and Survivalist, with each providing unique abilities and perks.

Players will go about the map activating SHD Beacons, which reveal intel on potential areas with loot such as enemy encampments. Furthermore, they also enable using 'Prep Items' that players can craft while in the Base of Operations and then deploy in the field for a tactical advantage.

Stay tuned for more leaks, rumors, and official news on The Division Heartland.