Team Group T-Force SSDs are an amazing deal for your next PC build!

The Team Group T-Force Vulcan 2.5" 500GB is a great deal to look at if you are looking at upgrading your boot drive.

The Vulcan 500GB is a $59.99 is an amazing deal for your new upcoming computer deal.

This SSD is perfect for the PC builder looking to upgrade is personal rig's boot menu. The features of this SSD are the size, capacity, but limited to the SATA ports on the motherboard. The overall size of this SSD is a 2.5" SSD, which means that it can fit in almost any computer case without any issue, another feature of the 2.5" SSD is the fact that you could easily add this any laptop to add the storage space (so long as that laptop doesn't use an M.2 and has space for at least a 2.5" drive)

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Another feature is the capacity of this small drive, it comes with three different size options a 250GB, a 500GB, and a 1TB variant.

The 250GB drive is big enough to serve as your windows boot drive without running into any issues, as long as the computer has a separate drive to house the program files. This 250GB drive costs a shockingly low $31.99 at the time of writing.

The 500GB drive has enough space to house some of your everyday programs without running out of storage space but is still not large enough to be used as a mass data storage drive (meaning larger files and video downloads). This drive is still an amazing deal at just $59.99 for 500GB.

The final variant of this drive, The 1TB drive is an amazingly large drive that can house all your program files along with video files. This drive was only $129.99 at the time of writing which was $70 off the price of $199.99. Unfortunately, if you wanted to take advantage of this amazing deal, this drive is currently out of stock.

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Team Group T-Force SSDs are an amazing price if you are currently planning to build a new small form factor PC or just building a new PC, so go to Newegg and buy these SSD drives as long as these drives are available. Do be aware that these are not NVMe drives and as such are limited to the SATA drives speeds.

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