Tales of Arise Officially Announced, New Trailer, Releasing 2020

Tales of Arise

JRPG fans nearly jumped out of their seats while watching Microsoft's E3 2019 Xbox press conference. In addition to games like DragonBall Z Kakarot, they also got a brand new game in a beloved franchise. Tales of Arise is the latest in a long line of Tales titles, and there's finally a gameplay trailer to enjoy.

The Tales series has a long history with many entries in the franchise, and Tales of Arise looks to be a big leap in what we've seen so far, with far more detailed environments and larger areas.

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Having said that, the Tales signature anime art style is still here and looks as impressive and welcoming as ever. The new trailer shows a world with two looking planets in the sky and some vibrant environments that remind me personally of a high definition Xenoblade Chronicles.

The trailer doesn't show much. The protagonist pulls a giant flaming sword from the chest of a pretty girl and slays some enemies. Pretty typical Tales fare, honestly.

There are a variety of environments, which show much more impressive lighting and effects than we've seen from the series before. The snowy area, in particular, looks much better than any previous wintery location in Tales games before now.

How the game pans out will be interesting, as the Tales series has been receiving mixed, yet generally positive critical reception in the last few years.

Nevertheless, there are good reasons to be excited about going forward as a JRPG fan. The game will release on Xbox and PC, with a PS4 release being very likely. No word on Nintendo Switch, though it seems unlikely. The game will be released in 2020.

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Let us know what you think of the trailer below, and let us know what you think. Will this be the JRPG you're waiting for, or is this another unimpressive and generic title? Tell us as politely as you can, and keep reading Wccftech for more from E3 2019.

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