Synaptics Will Help Smartphone Manufacturers to Further Increase Their Device’s Screen-to-Body Ratio; Here’s How

Omar Sohail

Synaptics has given smartphone and tablet manufacturers a bigger incentive to increase the screen-to-body ratio of their future offerings and the company has done this in the form of a brand new fingerprint scanner. Let us take a look at the features of the latest iteration of the technological world and see how it will shape the world of smartphones tomorrow.

Synaptics Has Debuted a New Smartphone Fingerprint Reader That Can Scan Through Glass – Company Could Get a Lot of Orders From Manufacturers in the Near Future

The new series of fingerprint sensors come under product lineup: Natural ID FS9100. The most striking attribute of these new sensors is that they can scan through 1mm of full cover glass. According to Synaptics, these new form of sensors were designed specifically for front-facing fingerprint access, and work well with 2.5D glass as well. Perhaps these are the fingerprint sensors that will be present in the 2017 iPhone and the upcoming Galaxy S8. The new sensors, with their placement under the glass, are also waterproof, and they respond without hesitation to wet fingers as well.

Synaptics VP of marketing Anthony Gioeli speaks about the latest family fingerprint readers and how they will aesthetically change future smartphones.

“Synaptics’ FS9100 family of fingerprint sensors represent a new breed of optical fingerprint sensor technology that is designed to meet the needs of mobile devices, including the ability to image through thick 2.5D glass. In addition to opening the door to new industrial design options, it enables OEMs to provide highly durable, button-free cover glass and more easily provide water resistant products while eliminating low yield glass processing.”

While there is no confirmation that these new products are going to be incorporated beneath the glass of future smartphones and tablets, I personally believe that the news could not have come at a better time than this. With the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 heavily rumored to do away with the home button and replace it with a sensor present underneath the display, I strongly believe that Synaptics intervention will be the catalyst needed to change how smartphones look, feel and function.

This will also mean that smartphones will become even more delicate than before, but that will be a discussion for another time.


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