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Not sure what is the reason behind the level frustration that Dong Nguyen soaks his games into but it seems to be working - so far. After a truly crazy success of Flappy Bird, the indie game dev is back with his latest: Swing Copters. I am sure you must have tried this game already and have pulled a few hair out of your head too. However, similar to Flappy Bird, it is quite easy to score better at the game with a few simple Swing Copters cheats - or more of tips and tricks.

Before you read on to find the simple and yet quite helpful Swing Copters cheats and tips to score better at this ridiculously hard game, here are the links to download the game: get it for free on Android and iOS here, until it's taken down and goes for sale on Ebay for more than a few grands!Swing Copters cheats

Swing Copters cheats and tips:

Swing Copters' premise is quite simple as you have go on a vertical route to ascend up in the sky changing the direction of flight from left to right by tapping on the screen. Going through tiny openings and swinging hammers, your cute character can die and crash! As the reports go, users are getting trouble scoring any better than a meager 1.

A simple Swing Copters trick is to stay in your lane when moving forward. Draw imaginary lines that your character has to pass through and stick to that lane. If you tap quicker, you will go out of the track and crash. On the other hand if you are slow with your taps, hammers may just crush you.

This simple Swing Copters tip is actually quite similar to how we scored higher at Flappy Bird too where we found a safe spot and tried to focus there with managed taps. Be focused and patient and stick within the walls of your imaginary drawn lane.Swing Copters cheats

As with any other frustrating game, disable notifications and toggle off the sound to have a complete and dedicated attention to the game as alerts and notifications can easily distract you. The game's own sound can be a huge distraction too. Also, keep yourself composed. Don't let the frustration get on to your nerves and stress yourself. Be calm and focus on the lane!

We will be updating this post with any other Swing Copters cheats, tricks and helpful tips. Drop a line in the comment if you have got any other tips or tricks that could help score better at this game.

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