Stranger Things VR Launches for Major Virtual Reality Platforms in Winter 2023

Francesco De Meo
Stranger Things VR

The popular TV show Stranger Things will receive a VR game adaptation in the coming year, Netflix announced.

Stranger Things VR, which is being developed by Tender Claws, will see players take on the role of Vecna, invade minds, and conjure nightmares in a quest for revenge against Eleven and the town of Hawkins. The game is scheduled to release sometime during Winter 2023 for major Virtual Reality platforms.

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Play as Vecna in this new Stranger Things adventure in virtual reality. Become an explorer of unknown realities as you form the hive mind and tame the void. Invade minds and conjure nightmares in your quest to enact revenge on Eleven and Hawkins.

ST VR is a psychological horror / action game developed by Tender Claws and coming to major virtual reality platforms in winter 2023.

A short Stranger Things VR trailer has also been shared alongside the announcement, and you can check it out below.

The Stranger Things VR isn't the only good news fans of Virtual Reality games received this month. Last week, Sony announced when the PlayStation VR2 headset will release, alongside several titles that will be available at launch and in the future for it. Given the franchise's popularity, it's likely that ST VR will hit the new Sony headset as well.

Stranger Things VR launches during Winter 2023 on major Virtual Reality platforms.

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