Star Wars Squadrons Is Now Free to Grab on Epic Games Store

Alessio Palumbo

PC gamers have yet another way to grab 2020's space combat game Star Wars Squadrons for free. Prime Gaming offered the chance to grab it last year, and now, for those who missed the chance at the time, the game is once again available for free via the Epic Games Store.

As usual with EGS freebies, the offer will remain available until next Thursday (December 1st) at 5 PM. In case you're unfamiliar with the game, it was developed by EA Motive (the same studio now working on the Dead Space remake and later scheduled to handle Iron Man). At launch, it received a 7.5/10 review score from our Nathan Birch.

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Ultimately, what I think I’m really missing is a focused co-op mode. Sure, dogfights and Fleet Battles are technically 5v5 affairs, but you’re pretty much doing your own thing. Star Wars: Squadrons is not a live service game, and the lack of microtransactions and other money-grubbing is certainly refreshing, but I do feel like the game is in need of some kind of post-launch content. Hopefully, Squadrons sells well enough to at least justify a few new maps and multiplayer modes.

That said, Star Wars: Squadrons still serves up a pretty decent amount of content for its $40 price tag. The story mode is around six or seven hours long, with additional medals to earn, and even casual pilots will probably spend at least that long on multiplayer. Yes, this is a narrowly-focused game, but sometimes it’s best to keep your eye on the target.

Star Wars Squadrons is a mostly-successful throwback offering impressive sights, intense action, and the opportunity for fun multiplayer throwdowns. Some mechanical quirks, a couple of irritating missions, and a lack of depth hold Squadrons back from being a true bullseye, but those who have missed blasting TIE Fighters should find the game worth the ride.

By the way, the Black Friday sale is now live on the Epic Games Store, too.

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