Star Wars Episode I: Racer Delivers High-Speed 90s Nostalgia on PS4 and Switch Next Month


The most recent Nintendo Direct gave N64-era fans an unexpected reason to be happy, as it was announced a re-release of the 1999 cult-favorite Star Wars Episode I: Racer was speeding our way. While The Phantom Menace remains divisive two decades later, pretty much everyone who played Episode I: Racer on N64 or Dreamcast remembers the game fondly.

Star Wars Episode I: Race did pop up on GOG and Steam around a year ago, but that was just a straight, no-frills ROM dump of the 20-year-old game. This new version from the port specialists at Aspyr sharpens the game’s visuals a bit, tightens up the controls, and adds achievements on the PS4. Get the full rundown on all the updates, below.

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  • We uprezzed all of the FMV sequences in the game. Greatly increased resolutions that will look better than ever on your 4K TV. Despite the age of the original models, these cutscenes look stunning and will take you back to seeing the track on Tatooine for the first time in 1999.
  • We re-mapped all of the controls to feel right for DualShock 4 (and Joy-Cons). This might sound trivial, but to really feel like you’re piloting a Podracer takes a very special touch. The controls that captured the thrill of Podracing in 1999 simply don’t feel as natural on the modern controller, but our team was dedicated to creating the ultimate Podracing experience. You can expect controls that feel natural and modern.
  • Trophy hunters will be happy to hear that we’ve added Trophies. You’ll even be able to prove you’re the ultimate Podracing champion with a Platinum trophy!

Star Wars Episode I: Racer speeds onto PS4 and Nintendo Switch on May 12 and will set you back $15. What do you think? Will you be indulging in a little prequel nostalgia?